Sunday, May 2, 2010

Exhibit b the Indy Scene is starting to make waves

I ve been hearing complaints and compliments about unity here in Indy, and this is jus t me remember that but all I see is success here. For I only see the community here getting tighter, The ones who love this are starting to break out in our own right

You know being a poet here in indy, is absolutely brilliant at the moment. It seems like so many people are starting to get careers in motion. Take the Reservoir DogWoods, Jason Ammerman, of Indianapolis, Matthew D, Jackson of Columbus, Indiana, Tony Brewer and Joseph Kershbaum of Bloomington. Four hard working poets, who have been around in this scene and helped built it to what this on the cusp of being. A mecca of Poetry,. Who are now starting their second tour as well as creating workshops and getting big names like Buddy Wakefield to perfrom at them. Also now on thursdaay we have both lazy daze at the Irvington and Urban Elements headed by writers bloc, on Fridays we have Earth house and Right On, then Sundays we have Mid –Town hosted by Allen Imagery that’s downtown as well. Its not exactly New York, Atlanta, Chi-town or Cali, but still were on our way. World be ready for Indy has some fearce poets armed with talent. Plus were getting features as well, it’s a great compliment to our community here. Plus on the second Wednesday, helmed by Erin Livingston. It’s a brilliant time to be here and ifyour , well Kiddies you should be. Currents are slowly changing and if u don’t believe me then watch from afar, and end up wishing you were apart of this, That’s how sure I am.

Today was kinda crazy after I got off of work, I recieved a call from Stephen Paul Miller who has many published books of poetry including Fort Dad which is going to my 1st blog review on And there is a chance that this kid from Nap just may be blogger for the critiphoria. Nothing is set in stone but still. This could be an amazing opportunity. And regardless this is an expierence I cant pass down. But it got me thinking, if Im blogging for poets such as Eric Basso, Linda Sands, and Stephen, why not blog about us.

The local poets and musicians of Indpls. So I said screw it, I'm gonna do it. So besides bloggin about those writers and a few more. Im gonna blog about us, our new and upcoming events, books, cd's tours ect.. I mean its only advantageous for us to support each other its the only way we get any where worth while. Hey look at the beats, the fireside poets and ect... They were a community with-in themselves. And they ended up being remembered, studied, appreciated which lead to a timeless platform to be able to inspire others. Because like I said earlier in this blog, I feel a community forming, just like those before us who made it. So why not us.

And you know, people. If you dont realize that your thoughts create your reality. Then try this see if im lying, Look at your life, if all you see is shit, then perhaps if you just change your way of thought, then maybe they will disappear. Seriously, I don’t wanna say it’s a magic trick or anything you just end up over looking all those, You don’t see it, and slowly yet surely your life will change, success is only attained through never giving up, It sounds childish but it does happen. It may take six months or may two years, but screw it. Where we end up is alll that matters, plus it’s a fun ride, when it start to happens.. Im serious just don’t believe in yourself, know yourself. And see what happens when you start to be your true self..

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