Thursday, April 29, 2010

In between the channles

Ok so its been a few weeks since Ive made any progress regarding the books, yea I started on the cd, but still I havent made any paper in weeks. I feel like im slipping, getting comfortable and everyone knows that when you get comfortable you start to lax on a few things. Perhaps Im being too hard on myself. I mean tickets, and rooms are bought. And the original draft of thThe lists are being put together, regaring the line up, Ive got a few places where spoken word readings and slams might book is finally done, but still. Making paper is crucial, its the core of this specific project. Plus except for the 30/30, I havent written anything at all. Hell I just decided on my six words for the Scratch quarter writers contest that Linda is running.

I just kinda feel like I am inbetween the channels for the second. Dont really know if that makes any sense at all, to people but still. I want something, but honestly I really dont know what that is. And when I say that Im talking for the moment. And I guess we all want that feeling that everyday something really big is happening. And when it happens its like a drug, a rush of adrenaline that can never be replaced. Yet we all know it cant happen every day. We have to take comfort in the slow days, the days that are meant to just take time enjoy life and smell the flowers.Maybe this is all in my head. I am the kinda person that gets swept away at times, even when its a dead period. I could be thinking this is it, im not being productive, ect.... But still I just dont wanna slip in any comfort at least for the moment, not until I reach a plat form that I can be able to pay my bills with my craft, then perhaps I can take just a few moments and relish the non busy time.

I guess Im just needing patients within myself. I just have been putting off my goals for so long, or half ass doing them, that now after I finally started to take action and make things happen for myself, that this is kind of an old feeling, and I dont wanna repeat my past mistakes. Infact I would rather make new ones to learn from, that way at the end of the day I learned something new. Its just its been 10 years.. And I dont wanna waist one more second. You ever feel that way?

Monday, April 26, 2010

journal posting

So the go daddy acount is set up, And I got eight poems recorded and mastered to day, so it was a productive day. And being productive is always the best way to be. Kinda curious though how this is all gonna pan out. Regarding my career in writing. I mean lets be honest, this is all I have at the moment. I mean I do have friends, and family. But still, this is me. all me. I have to go at this alone, cuz we as adults have to make our path,. And our actions of the present creates our future. And if I fail at this, then what, being just another body, just punching in and out everday. Wasting a life instead of living a life. This is a chance I have to take, I know not all make it. But "honestly fuck it," is what I tell myself, Im capable as much as any one else. And that is what we should all tell our selves when it comes to making the life we personally want to live.

Its just honestly I have no safety net. It is kinda scary, I am taking a risk, and what is at risk is my future. Im spending my own money on all these ventures, including the benefit. And being rich is not my goal, my goal is to simply live and be able to pay my bills with my skills.Which in all reality I feel is how our society should be based on. Money is really nothing, especially since 1907 when one could no longer trade a dollar bill for a gold. Now money has only the value we put on it. Its easy to fall into the bullshit mentality of I need this or I need that. We only need the essentials, our tools to be able to function, to be able to pay our bills. Which is why I am risking so much. Do I want to work at the airport for the rest of my life and be living in a art studio in down town Indpls, nope, not at all. Dont get me wrong its fine for the moment. But I do have higher ambitions.

I am taking all the advice that has been given to me by those who are successful writers. Im pluggin my events. Bloggin about my progress, documenting what Im doing pretty much on a daily basis. Plus Im net working. And due to the fact that Ive encountered and befriended some really talented writers, who actually are some of the most sincere people I could have ever of had the prevlidge of befriending. I do see that I may be on my way, yet still, no one is a soothsayer. I have no idea whats gonna happen tomorrow which is why I realize and respect the chance Im taking.

Im just having a lot of eternal questions at the moment, as we all do . Which is probably a good thing, it keeps us from getting swept away, and keeps life in perspective.Plus I do wanna have an impact on people. A positive impact, as well as on those dearest to me in my personal and to my future readers. I do feel that as an poet, our goals should be to write with integrity, wisdom, self honesty. Its the only way were gonna reach our audience. And more importantly its the best way to show others that they can do anything as well. They just have to do it. Lead by example, and those who pay attention will lead with you side by side.

well thats it from me on this late morning


your average schmuck

Saturday, April 24, 2010

exhibit A, the poetry scene...

Well I guess today's blog wont be about the benefit at hand. Instead I think I'm gonna cover different ground and speak my opinions regarding the scene of poetry at hand. And just a reminder, these are just my opinions, if you feel like I'm talking about u specifically, Im not, well actually most likely I'm not, But still if u have to wonder that perhaps, I am talking about u to you...Hahaha.

First off let me just say, right now feels like the best time in the world to be a poet/writer. It does, I mean so many poets are starting to come together. I mean it seems to be that words are starting to matter again. As much as we are starting to become a society that has the mentality of needing what ever bullshit superficial things, it seems that words are starting to rise above the crest of this superficial society that were heading further into every day. Technology has also played a great role in it as well. Look at facebook, its a great way to network, plug ur events and or merchandise, also we have blog radio now, which opens up more avenues to be able to get the attention one needs to court to be able reach his or her own goals.. This is beautiful to me, and it also shows me that the times are achangin to quote Mr, Dylan. Also, it seems that for the most part this all has nothing but positive effects on us in our own communities.

But there is the down side to it. The pain in the ass side if you will. And by that I mean a few things. First off people out here pimping poetry, or as my room mate Alkemi would say, "people jacking off words" and I got to say I agree. It seems like every one is the best poet around yet and this is my opinion, but there is not one valid point these poets are making. They are just in the scene making a scene to just be seen. Hey dont hate on me, I'm just calling it how I see it. Some people have no idea what poetry is, they have no idea what it means to write a piece, And for those poets I highly recommend that you stop looking at you tube vids, go to the library or a local book store and see what real poetry is. It does not have to be clever, poetry has to have meaning, the original poets were story tellers, some want to call poets the original preachers, for poets spoke or speak of and about life in general. Its wisdom, emotion, but regardless it has to have meaning, if it does not then its just being clever and being a wordsmith, and being a word smith is a important character a poet should have, it also is a good work shop exercise. You know, strenghten your vocab, and teach yourself new styles, but dont let it encapsulate your idea of poetry.

But hey again this is my opinion, And again I still feel this is the best time to be a writer, and if you are, my advice is take advantage of all the assistance that comes ur way, and never ever loose sight of your goal regarding writing or the arts, even if it takes 15 yrs to jump start ur career, why, cuz honestly it will be worth it..

your average schmuck

Thursday, April 22, 2010

UPDATES on Projek Delerium

Well got the week off of work, From Sunday to Thursday, most would consider this brief break as a vacation, with no pay. I took this as an opportunity. Haven't written at all this week, well except for my daily text messages. But really havent worked on poetry or the short story, which I feel is a must only because of Linda's scratch contest. I going to do another sestina. Since Linda introduced me to that style of poetry I'm hooked like a kid on cheeto's. But honestly I hustled this week.

On Sunday I went on blog radio, and got interviewed byMicheal Guinn. Most know him but I dont. The man seems to have contacts and techniques that could be useful to me. I told him on the air what I was doing, regarding the benefit and the books And he loved it. Honestly he seemed kinda shocked to hear that I am 29 yrs old. And thinks it crazy that I am paying for this out of my own pocket. I just told him I am earning my stripes, and he replied, you earned your stripes four years ago, when you did your 1st one. Honestly it made me feel good hearing that. Not that I am looking for pats on the back or anything. Infact I am completely against that type of mentality. But the acknowledgement is greatful, which is some of the reason why we artist do what we do, We all want to be remembered. To be considered as one of the greats, is always one thinks about from time to time, dont let them lie to u either. We are all people, we all want appreciation for our work, and some of us want to inspire others, and honestly in order to do that you must be known, you have to be famous. But thats not a bad thing. As long as your reasons are to be able to be productive as well as inspire. In my opinion only though..

But still I have much work that has to be done, have to get the cd's completed. But recording is gonna start on may 3rd. So the books should be done by the 1st of June. Have to set up pay pal accounts for the benefit and the books too, And hopefully I can sell them all, at 20 dollars apiece that 6 grand which means the whole benefit would be taken care of. And just incase people are wondering in the pic on top of the blog is the paper Ive made thats gonna be the book. I have actually hand crafted the paper and written in caligraphery the poetry. Plus it comes with a cd, I dont think that 20 dollars is too much to ask. This is poetry turned into art. Plus no one around that I atleast know is doing this. But it is a big ass world so honestly who knows, right?

But got Tara's ticket, and rooms for pretty much nothing. So I have to be heading in the right direction. Which is something I will have to remember as the time gets closer who knows what will happen, I have to remain focused and not get caught up in anything, cuz if I do, I feel I may loose this. This chance to actually have a career in the arts, to be able to write poetry, have and support a family with my craft is also another goal, I want to achieve. And you know what I am a human being so I cant think of a reason why Its not possible.

And I guess thats what other people should realize as well, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And that is one of the thoughts I always tell myself when life feels too overwhelming.

But until I can feel I have anything really accomplished I have to have invites done and in my hand., But I think Im gonna have the invites done for free regarding the prints. Home Depot has expressed interest and are wanting to hear what Im doing. I think I may get them do donate the actually invites which would be great. Im also always open for advices as well. This is my 1st big benefit and I want it to be polished. I want to do this for the rest of my life and be able to pay the bills with the success I get from it. So if any one who has anything they can offer, advice, contacts, ect... Please let me know.

well look for new blogs from me real soon..


your average schmuck.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Delerium Projek:Work in progress

Things are starting to happen a lot faster now. I'm starting to feel as if I'm over my head regarding the people I'm starting to meet. And I'm not saying its a bad thing, It's just crazy to me.

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged anything. The venue is paid for,I'm still looking for 5 more visual artist for the black tie event on friday, though. Soon it will be time to get my graphic designers together to brain storm some invites, Then is the pluggin of the event. Then there isCourting positive attention. Doing everything I can to ensure that we sell out. I mean the Madam Walker theatre ballroom holds 350 people. Im thinking about tickets for friday's event to be 50 dollars a ticket, and half of that goes to the Julian Center as well. I mean think about 50 times 350 then u take half of that and right there alone17,500 dollars and half of that right there goes to the Women and Chiildren of the Julian Center, not including the prices of art, which is the same, the artist and the Julian Center split that. Then there is the Saturday poetry event, tickets for that are gonna be 13.50 in advace and 17.00 dollars at the door.

I have no idea how I got them, but I got some amazing out of state talent flying in. Tara Hardy, Tristan Silverman, Billy Tuggle, and Daynomi Irregular-flow Thomas, to participate. Plus some of our best local talent participating in as well, Gaberialla Patterson, Aklemi Bayette, Erin Lingston, Adam Henzbo, the list goes on and on and on. And to boot that we actually got 6th graders to make the care packages for the event. Now see how Im feeling like Im over my head here. All I am is a just a average guy who loves poetry and wants to do something with it. I live in Indianapolis, completely unknown, and doing pretty much all of this on my own. I also have yet to find grants that are available for this type of an event.

I also just got published in the critiphoria, an online poetry zine that was put together by some other poets, such as Dominick Casazza, Stephen Paul Miller, Bob Holman, and Jen Hofer just to name a few. Honestly I didnt even , I befriended Stephen P. Miller on face book, he asked me to email him a few poems, so I did then bam. The next thing I know I get an email from Stephen saying I've been selected to be in it. Then a few weeks later I emailed him, just thanking him,and then I got a call on the cell and it was Stephen. Now I.m being asked to write a review on his book Fort Dad, and honestly Im really impressed with it. And I cant help but feel like a lucky fool that Ive been asked to do this. And maybe blog for the critiphoria.

And it got me thinking, since im doing an online blog journal about me attempting to jump start a career in writing, blogging and poetry. Why not have another blog that is specifically used for reviews to help plug more artist work, and to critic it as well. I mean honestly any exposure is good exposer for the most part, right? So I imagine Ill have that up and running in about a week or less. Honestly with in a month I plan on having a total of 5 different blogs up and running that will be added with in a month. So if anybody does read this and you happen to be an artist, please feel free to get ahold of me on facebook, its under Gregg DeBoor, trust me that there is only one person with that name on if, also you can email me at as well.

But at this second I have to continue focusing on my job at the airport, getting the rest of the books and the cd for the same book and getting the transportation taken care of aswell for my features. Securing my transportation down to the Decatur Georgia Writers conference. Thats when I can focus on the next stage, the bloggs, the weekly reading and poetry workshop up north here in Indy. Im thinking off calling it, Art Speaks at Gallery 136. Never taught a workshop, been to a few so I have a good idea on how they go but never ran one. Hopping its gonna be fun. I mean honestly thats the key right? If you the person who is in charge is having fun with what your doing, then wont every one else have fun as well?

Well thats it for me...

Remember be good at what u do or at least dont get caught doing it
Your average schmuck