Monday, April 26, 2010

journal posting

So the go daddy acount is set up, And I got eight poems recorded and mastered to day, so it was a productive day. And being productive is always the best way to be. Kinda curious though how this is all gonna pan out. Regarding my career in writing. I mean lets be honest, this is all I have at the moment. I mean I do have friends, and family. But still, this is me. all me. I have to go at this alone, cuz we as adults have to make our path,. And our actions of the present creates our future. And if I fail at this, then what, being just another body, just punching in and out everday. Wasting a life instead of living a life. This is a chance I have to take, I know not all make it. But "honestly fuck it," is what I tell myself, Im capable as much as any one else. And that is what we should all tell our selves when it comes to making the life we personally want to live.

Its just honestly I have no safety net. It is kinda scary, I am taking a risk, and what is at risk is my future. Im spending my own money on all these ventures, including the benefit. And being rich is not my goal, my goal is to simply live and be able to pay my bills with my skills.Which in all reality I feel is how our society should be based on. Money is really nothing, especially since 1907 when one could no longer trade a dollar bill for a gold. Now money has only the value we put on it. Its easy to fall into the bullshit mentality of I need this or I need that. We only need the essentials, our tools to be able to function, to be able to pay our bills. Which is why I am risking so much. Do I want to work at the airport for the rest of my life and be living in a art studio in down town Indpls, nope, not at all. Dont get me wrong its fine for the moment. But I do have higher ambitions.

I am taking all the advice that has been given to me by those who are successful writers. Im pluggin my events. Bloggin about my progress, documenting what Im doing pretty much on a daily basis. Plus Im net working. And due to the fact that Ive encountered and befriended some really talented writers, who actually are some of the most sincere people I could have ever of had the prevlidge of befriending. I do see that I may be on my way, yet still, no one is a soothsayer. I have no idea whats gonna happen tomorrow which is why I realize and respect the chance Im taking.

Im just having a lot of eternal questions at the moment, as we all do . Which is probably a good thing, it keeps us from getting swept away, and keeps life in perspective.Plus I do wanna have an impact on people. A positive impact, as well as on those dearest to me in my personal and to my future readers. I do feel that as an poet, our goals should be to write with integrity, wisdom, self honesty. Its the only way were gonna reach our audience. And more importantly its the best way to show others that they can do anything as well. They just have to do it. Lead by example, and those who pay attention will lead with you side by side.

well thats it from me on this late morning


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