Thursday, April 22, 2010

UPDATES on Projek Delerium

Well got the week off of work, From Sunday to Thursday, most would consider this brief break as a vacation, with no pay. I took this as an opportunity. Haven't written at all this week, well except for my daily text messages. But really havent worked on poetry or the short story, which I feel is a must only because of Linda's scratch contest. I going to do another sestina. Since Linda introduced me to that style of poetry I'm hooked like a kid on cheeto's. But honestly I hustled this week.

On Sunday I went on blog radio, and got interviewed byMicheal Guinn. Most know him but I dont. The man seems to have contacts and techniques that could be useful to me. I told him on the air what I was doing, regarding the benefit and the books And he loved it. Honestly he seemed kinda shocked to hear that I am 29 yrs old. And thinks it crazy that I am paying for this out of my own pocket. I just told him I am earning my stripes, and he replied, you earned your stripes four years ago, when you did your 1st one. Honestly it made me feel good hearing that. Not that I am looking for pats on the back or anything. Infact I am completely against that type of mentality. But the acknowledgement is greatful, which is some of the reason why we artist do what we do, We all want to be remembered. To be considered as one of the greats, is always one thinks about from time to time, dont let them lie to u either. We are all people, we all want appreciation for our work, and some of us want to inspire others, and honestly in order to do that you must be known, you have to be famous. But thats not a bad thing. As long as your reasons are to be able to be productive as well as inspire. In my opinion only though..

But still I have much work that has to be done, have to get the cd's completed. But recording is gonna start on may 3rd. So the books should be done by the 1st of June. Have to set up pay pal accounts for the benefit and the books too, And hopefully I can sell them all, at 20 dollars apiece that 6 grand which means the whole benefit would be taken care of. And just incase people are wondering in the pic on top of the blog is the paper Ive made thats gonna be the book. I have actually hand crafted the paper and written in caligraphery the poetry. Plus it comes with a cd, I dont think that 20 dollars is too much to ask. This is poetry turned into art. Plus no one around that I atleast know is doing this. But it is a big ass world so honestly who knows, right?

But got Tara's ticket, and rooms for pretty much nothing. So I have to be heading in the right direction. Which is something I will have to remember as the time gets closer who knows what will happen, I have to remain focused and not get caught up in anything, cuz if I do, I feel I may loose this. This chance to actually have a career in the arts, to be able to write poetry, have and support a family with my craft is also another goal, I want to achieve. And you know what I am a human being so I cant think of a reason why Its not possible.

And I guess thats what other people should realize as well, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And that is one of the thoughts I always tell myself when life feels too overwhelming.

But until I can feel I have anything really accomplished I have to have invites done and in my hand., But I think Im gonna have the invites done for free regarding the prints. Home Depot has expressed interest and are wanting to hear what Im doing. I think I may get them do donate the actually invites which would be great. Im also always open for advices as well. This is my 1st big benefit and I want it to be polished. I want to do this for the rest of my life and be able to pay the bills with the success I get from it. So if any one who has anything they can offer, advice, contacts, ect... Please let me know.

well look for new blogs from me real soon..


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