Saturday, April 24, 2010

exhibit A, the poetry scene...

Well I guess today's blog wont be about the benefit at hand. Instead I think I'm gonna cover different ground and speak my opinions regarding the scene of poetry at hand. And just a reminder, these are just my opinions, if you feel like I'm talking about u specifically, Im not, well actually most likely I'm not, But still if u have to wonder that perhaps, I am talking about u to you...Hahaha.

First off let me just say, right now feels like the best time in the world to be a poet/writer. It does, I mean so many poets are starting to come together. I mean it seems to be that words are starting to matter again. As much as we are starting to become a society that has the mentality of needing what ever bullshit superficial things, it seems that words are starting to rise above the crest of this superficial society that were heading further into every day. Technology has also played a great role in it as well. Look at facebook, its a great way to network, plug ur events and or merchandise, also we have blog radio now, which opens up more avenues to be able to get the attention one needs to court to be able reach his or her own goals.. This is beautiful to me, and it also shows me that the times are achangin to quote Mr, Dylan. Also, it seems that for the most part this all has nothing but positive effects on us in our own communities.

But there is the down side to it. The pain in the ass side if you will. And by that I mean a few things. First off people out here pimping poetry, or as my room mate Alkemi would say, "people jacking off words" and I got to say I agree. It seems like every one is the best poet around yet and this is my opinion, but there is not one valid point these poets are making. They are just in the scene making a scene to just be seen. Hey dont hate on me, I'm just calling it how I see it. Some people have no idea what poetry is, they have no idea what it means to write a piece, And for those poets I highly recommend that you stop looking at you tube vids, go to the library or a local book store and see what real poetry is. It does not have to be clever, poetry has to have meaning, the original poets were story tellers, some want to call poets the original preachers, for poets spoke or speak of and about life in general. Its wisdom, emotion, but regardless it has to have meaning, if it does not then its just being clever and being a wordsmith, and being a word smith is a important character a poet should have, it also is a good work shop exercise. You know, strenghten your vocab, and teach yourself new styles, but dont let it encapsulate your idea of poetry.

But hey again this is my opinion, And again I still feel this is the best time to be a writer, and if you are, my advice is take advantage of all the assistance that comes ur way, and never ever loose sight of your goal regarding writing or the arts, even if it takes 15 yrs to jump start ur career, why, cuz honestly it will be worth it..

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