Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Journal Entry. Wiping Away Crusted realities

When you know what to you want to say yet dont know how to begin can turn out to be a stopper. Perhaps its getting a rhythm or getting caught up on the details that can make writing feel like its impossible, yet if you just start out with a word, then everything rolls together. So many things have happened. I moved up north, went on leave from my job and starting taking poetry in another level. I started hosting a weekly reading at gallerOne36 in westfield, Indiana, and I am getting paid for it.

Our first reading was intimate, yet really awesome. Nine people came, three read, we did it with no list, yet we had fun. People drove over 30 miles to come be apart of it. I took it as success. Now we have a feature, Maxwell Kessler from the east coast. Thanks to Corey Ewing, aka St. Peace. More people are coming more poets and spectators. And were doing it out side weather permitting of course. And were really fortunate to be doing it at a art gallery, I couldn't think of a better place to do a poetry reading. Plus were serve free wine and food.

On saturday I went to a fundraiser to help support the Indy slam team and help raise money for them to go the Knoxville, TN to compete. And honestly I had a blast, we did outside at the Indy hostel. The stage was really kool and it had only a few lights, yet the light always silhouetted the poets in a perfect way that it made the night and the poetry seem perfect. We raise quite a bit of money for them. And it got me thinking

Where I live now, is amazingly beautiful. And I had an idea, how about doing a fundraiser or a music festival here. Hell I have 5 acres, and a soccer field at my disposal. So I decided to put on a music, poetry festival fundraiser. We have Beth McAmis who is a fire dancer, Jeff Hahn doing stand up who by the way is one of the funniest people I have ever met, The Dwellers as well as a Reggea band playing and about 25 poets. Were charging 15 bones a head, but people can drink, bring food and alcohol, and camp if they want. And I have this feeling were going to get 300 to 500 people. All of the proceeds go to funding for the Delerium Projek. To help pay for the catering, the security, getting the tickets made for pay pal, the invites ect... I do have some of the expenses taken care of yet not all of them. So I am just hustling and thinking of ways I can do this. And honestly this feels brilliant, it really does.

Stephen Miller has now asked me to submit a bio for a show in Ashville as well. Everything that is happening is not overwhelming, but very exciting, yet it feels all right on time. I also recorded another song with my producer Andrew Gustin. True Make Believe Stories is the title of this piece. And I can't wait to hear feed back on it. I love it regardless of what people think, yet I am always wanting harsh critiques, I always take them as challenges, not rejections.

Bottom line I feel in on the right track. Im sure more obsticals will appear before me. I am certain of it infact. Perhaps tomorrow, or maybe in 10 years, but the more I go along, the more I realize this is what I am meant to do. I have to no questions asked. I feel fortunate to know what I am talented at, and more importantly I see a realistic way of getting my ideas out and maybe just maybe I can live off my craft. Pay my bills with it and as I have said many times live a simple life....

Yet in the mean time I have more work ahead of me, as usual. Meetings next week with the Madame Walker Theatre, getting the reading ready again for next friday, get the tickets bought so I can go to NY and meet Stephen Miller, and Bob Holman, and go on tour with Stephen as well. Get the entire line of the festival in July all summed up, and I have to get my website up next week. SO yeah I have more then 11teen things I need to complete. But hey its kool. Im busy, but Im doing what I love, and I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Im finally doing what I love to do, and Im starting to make a living at it.

So I guess all I can say is dont ever give up on who you are. Because if you dont, everything you want, need and dont see coming, comes your way. And that you deserve all you want, you just got to know it. Not believe it, or have faith. You just tell yourself out loud what you want. Be honest and all will happen..

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