Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well its been a productive couple of days. On Monday I recieved Stephen Paul Miller's book Fort Dad. And actually am impressed with it. I especially thought how cool it was he got his son Noah Miller to do the illustration. And I'm excited as all get out to get my site up and running. And Fort Dad is gonna be my official blog review. And both Angela Summer's and Linda Sands have both graciously volunteered to to edit the review for me before it goes up on the web. Then after that I have Eric Basso's Umbra's for my second blog review.

I am also more excited now than ever about the city here and us poets, Jason Ammerman and Matthew D. Jackson were speaking at Central Middle School about poetry today. Thats proof, people are caring about poetry, about culture. Teaching a craft is a brilliant thing to do. And its proof to me that poetry is on the rise here. Even if they only inspire one person, thats one more poet. One more person why may actually do some good or maybe they reached 25. Regardless what a cool accomplishment.

Got a call by a fellow poet and frend Heidi -raw-Phillips Harris, a local benefit organizer here in Indianapolis who informed me she got the benefit an opera singer, except one thing. The singer is a 13 year old child, and I was on board the second I heard it. I couldn't think of a better way to open a night of art being sold for the women and children of Indinapolis at the Julian Center, then this. I feel that this benefit will do some real good for all here in the city. First and most importantly the women and children. It will also show the community that we artist support and respect them. By us selling our work to help raise money. In a city where sports dominates, we may actually have a chance to change that.

And don't get me wrong, I am not against the Colts, or the Pacer's. Its just were the ones creating something and giving back in away the sports cannot, and yet we get no appreciation. People we are the ones who matter. And it proves that when we artist sell our work to pay our bills, that art is real. It is not a ruse. Its just like a mechanic or a Lawyer getting paid to do what they do. Its expensive yes, but honestly its worth it. And when talking about money, actually we only need money to get the tools that are needed to get what we need done. Which is why I feel it is completely realistic to make aliving and pay your bills with your craft, what ever it maybe.

Been talking to Stephen Miller recently. About the book Fort Dad, as I said earlier and about a few other projects s well. He has spoken about a mini tour in North Carolina. And actually it's crazy to me to think about doing a tour with a professional poet. Yet we all get our start from somewhere, and each new level does require a new start. If you get my meaning. And if it would happen it would be a great way to sell the books as well as gain attention for the benefit. So if the adventure would happen. It may turn out to be a great and positive expierence that can only enhance, and open up more possibilities. But it does mean more responsibilities on my end. I have to be ahead of my bills and have extra money for it. I have to have the venues on lock down and I have no connections, but I have friends who do. So I'm sure its not impossible. ,

But for the moment nothing has happened, just a few phone calls, so there is no reason to get swept away. Now I have to concentrate on work, getting designs for the weekly poetry reading westfield, Indiana, that starts next friday, get a rental car for Tristan and Tara for when they drive down from Chicago, to Indianapolis, when they perform for the benefit. Find discounts and rates for the ticket to New York to talk to Stephen and Dominick about bloggin for the New Yorker, as well as get info and see about business donating their time to print the invites for the benefit in September. Plus I have to finish the book, that will ensure regardless everything else that is not paid for, will be done. And I have a feeling that people will buy these books. I dont need to say that again. Its just something I know, because this benefit will happen. No if's and or but's....

I guess the only advice I have is, keep hustling. In everything, at your job, in your outside job. Make sure you dont do what ever it is your doing at 30%. Make yourself give a 150%. It's exhausting yes, but its fun. And you feel so much better at the end of night about your day. Plus one day, and that day may take ten years or more, but that day will start to happen for you, and you wont even want to look back.

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