Sunday, May 9, 2010

Exhibit C. journal entry

Well the time is approaching, what exactly is around the corner I have no idea, but something is starting to brew in the wind. Stephen has been talking to me regularly about this idea he has called Indie Poetry Man. Its something that sounds very complicated, I cant reveal anything except its comparable to soft concrete and involves many other poets. And it looks like this mad man is going to New York in June. W'hat's going to happen, only time will tell, but perhaps blogging for the Critiphoria, which would be an amazing opportunity, Stephen has also mentioned about going to Ashville, to do some readings down there. What an amazing opportunity. I have only heard stories about how serious they take poetry in Ashville. It can make or break some one, kinda like the The Green Mill in Chicago or the Bowery in New York to name a few of the venues around the country that have such an impact on poetry and the scene poetry inhabits. But none the less adventures await in the near future and regardless of its outcome, stories,poems, prose's ect... will be hatch from these excursions that are heading this way.

Early today I went to my producers house after work and started working on a new piece for the cd. Its so amazing when you see whats in your mind become reality. And I mean down the smallest detail. But sometimes on a few pieces like the one we worked on today, really took me for a loop. I have to ask myself am I thinking too small regarding whats in my head. The reason why is because I can leave there, and he will constantly just work on a way to make the music bend to the words, and in a few days, I'll get a "yo" on my facebook page from Andrew, and I know he has something in mind.

So today when I went over after work. He was already playing the piano, just messing around on it. Then he began to play this melody and singing the words I wrote, and it was amazing. We ended up getting the structure for it down, and went over it four or five times, then we gave it a rest for the day. But in a few days this piece will be ready to be recorded, and I still have it in my head, its really catchy, yet really odd. They way the words and the music blends together is almost like an oxy-moron to me. Only because they are complete opposites of each other, yet the words makes the music all flow together and the music makes the words all roll together. I'm really feeling how powerful and beautiful it is when what your creating gets on such a roll, that it evolves naturally and becomes its own. Regardless I'm taking direction, hustling more than I ever had in my life on so many different projects, and I'm having the time of my life at it. All I can say is, it's a brilliant thing when you find what your meant to do for the rest of your life..

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