Monday, June 21, 2010

mid town review june 20 2010

Tonight the continuation of a mid summer nights dream continues singer poet with Ken J.

Imagery again takes the mic and direction everytime, its clear you can tell he is polished and a veternan as an Emcee. The place always starts out quite and ends up popping; All the time everytime. You never know what to except when you come here, only thing you know for sure is that's craziness is on the menu, and tonight is no exception. Mike C, has already been seen fishing around the place. And if you dont know Mike Carter, look him up on face book, his new book "Spare Change" is plaguing the streets of nap, with truth, cunning words, and raw talent.

As we speak more and more people are filling the Mid-Town Lounge. The place has a pulse, it the people, the poets, the spectators and Imagery are all vital to it. And if you dont know about it, and you live in Indianapolis, then you need to check it out.This is the place where Indianapolis roars on Sundaynights.And when Imagery begins to take the stage all is quite. You can hear a needle drop as he recites a poem. The crowd is already intrance by poets and their words, and its only 930 pm. Tonight is a night for poets. The tone is already laid instone, and its just started.

Indianpolis's own and one of its newest poets Brimstone takes to the mic first.
Speaking metaphors and slick rhymes, hey may be new to the Indy scene of poetry but you can tell for sure he is no stranger to poetry, herself. Confidence, and originality runs deep in his words.A wonderful addition to something that has already taken formation. And when Brimstone vacated the stage, Mike C took over and a beat started to be ingnited in the air. And what Mike gives tonight is raw words from the street. Giving people words on how to change the future by looking back at the past and changing is the only way to spare ourselves from doom, Hence the title of his newest cd. Spare Change. More poets take to the stage as the night goes on, some regulars, yet some are new, regardless all are welcomed. And its why Mid Town not only survives, this place thrives..

One of the new readers who goes by the name of Edress L, And a new voice is always refreshing to us regulars, and actually she has a certain edge to herself, and when she started to sing, all was silent, And you can tell that she is shy, but wow, her sincerity filters through the air. Flavored with positivity and ownership of her words with confidence takes over the stage. And one has to wonder why has she not heard of this place before.

As the night goes on more spectators fill the building, Now halfway through its second hour, Mr.Tony Styxx is called up.A veternan poet, beat boxer. story teller actor and singer takes to the stage. And you can tell by Tony's presence alone that he knows how to command not only the mic, but the audience aswell, he fills Mid Town with words of knowledge and stories of redemption.
Other new poets and singers included raynah and B real 7 filled the stage with power, emotion and raw power to quote Iggy and the stoogies.

Now for out feature act, Ken J from Atlanta Ga, he approaches the stage with a hint of humbleness, regardless of how long he has been on the road now, you get this feeling that even though he polished , that he is really humble and appreciated that he has the opportunity to do what he loves. He warms the crowd up, with a little humor. Treating the entire venue as if they were one person. He makes his performance very personal. And with his 1st single 3yrs and 8 days. He gets the crowd participation involved. Heads are bopping, hands are clapping. And this energy that is in the air, is simplicty, it's real, and the crowd gives back what they are receiving. Appreciation. Its amazing, Ken follows with four more songs, then exists the stage. The crowd gets up and gives a thunderous applause. This makes your blogger so thrilled about being apart of Mid Town poetry.

In other words Mid Town is the place to be on Sunday Nights...

well thats all for now, hope you enjoyed the madness
until next time

Your average schmuck
Greggory S DeBoor

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