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Mid Town Review June 13, 2010

Mid-Town Arts Coffee and Lounge which is located on the corner of 38th and Central is the place on Sunday night's for entertainment and poetry Hosted by Indianapolis's own Allen Imagery, Local poet, promoter, and graphic designer.
The place is always a hot-spot for Indianapolis poetry on Sunday Nights. Its been a staple inthe scene of Indiapolis poetry for 3 years now. Always progression, and now having out of state features on a regular basis. Known features of the past have been such as Maxwell Kessler from the Gringo Choir, Daynomi Irregularflow Thomas, Talaam Acee, Indianapolis's own Tasha Jones, and future greats such as Gabrielle Patterson, Nsaychable the poet and catered to some spoken word legends such as Ben Daveeb Isreal Nelson from the 1st spoken word group called the Last Poets. Tonight there is a intenisity in the air. Allen of course has the all the important mechanisms to be a good host. Personality, entertaining and welcoming. Its every sunday from 8 to midnight. Consider it a mini greenmill. I'm sure other cities all across the country have their venue and this is our venue. A venue for poets, with a thunderous upperdeck crowd that will heckle you when needed and cheer for you as well. Its only five dollars and always includes free food.
The poets are always blazing and sincere, if it's a show your looking for in Indy, then Mid-town is where its at. You have national known features, amatuers, and poets in the making of breaking throught there career here. Now dont get me wrong though there are other brilliant spots such asThe Elbow Room poetry slam on the third Wednesday of everymonth. Writers block at Urban Elements on thursdays as well as Lazy Daze thats at the legendary Irvington Theatre on the same days. Then you have spoken word at Write On and The Word Gallery in Westfield Indiana on friday's aswell. So Mid Town is perfect for us poets and the spectators, Only one spot on Sunday so you won't be in a rush to get to any other venue on Sunday's,and soon open mic poetry at Local Only's on monday, aswell. So its clear that poetry is making waves in the city of Indianapolis. But Mid-town is a place that is considered a staple in poetry for Indy, everyone comes through here to read and be entertained.
Tonight's Features is national act Staci McCrakin and just by chance Tasha Jones and Def jam's Tommy Bottoms. And let me tell you Staci McCrakin who has a poised, yet powerful voice has a way about her, authentic humble yet strong. The crowd is inticitipating the her arrival to the Mic tonight, even as I type, yet we have another poet. Fourth poet in and the crowd the is just getting warmed up. Humidity maybe in the air outside, but inside at Midtown its electricfied words that plague the air. Words flow out and out from each poet, and they all own the mic in there way. The poets regardless amatuer or veternan have a way of making their short 7 to 10 minutes their own and very memorable. First timers are as welcomed as much as the regulars here. Its just another reason why Mid-Town is what it is here in Indianapolis, A legendary spot in the making. Perhaps one day, this place will be as known as Nuyorican, the Bowery in Ny, Ny, GreenMill chicago Ill, andHot Lyrical theatre in Atl...
Now feature is up. Comfortable and poised as I said, just her and her guartist. The crowd now is now feeding from her hand sort of speak. A thunderous clap filters through the walls as Stacy transends from one song to another. Everyone sang in unision with her as she did her final son Once again an amazing night at SoulFull spoken word. Raw riffs, earth breaking lyrics and the vibrations of the crowd being into the music, is the tempature at Mid-town Lounge. So if you want a fun night with entertainment, sincere talent with words then MidTown is place to be..
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Greggory DeBoor
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