Monday, June 28, 2010

A mad man's note

Anxiety begins to set into the pours of your skin, chest pulled tight, and your knees begin to jerk, you feel caught in a basawkard position, and then I remember, its ok to be me, I tell myself Ill share the air I breath, and swim through the rain. Because at the end of the day its ok to be me. I understand I have to take my time, and witnesses as many as I can new dawns. And when its time Ill leave with out any thought of return.

So I leave tomorrow morning for my 1st tour, NYC to Asheville NC, excited nervous, even a little scatter brain. Making sure I dont forget this or that, boarding pass, check. Bills paid, check. Directions from LGA to the village check. So much is happening. And it all started on Friday. I woke up, with no idea of how I am getting to the tour, actually I had not even thought about it, until then, and bam a ticket came. Out of the blue more or less and now this blogger is going to from Indy to NYC to Asheville's Leaf festival. And honestly until now I had no idea of its existance. No idea what it was or anything. And know that I do, and not only find out that I am reading that but that I have a feature spot. Yeah anxiety is in full swing. Not sure when I leave from NYC to Asheville, but I am driving down with Stephen Paul Miller, another amazing poet, who actually set all of this up.

The last week has been a productive week, I started on the frames and started selling them aswell. Almost immediately. I started on Saturday of last week, and until yesterday I was fully at it. Now though I have to focus on this, and continue the frames when I get back, but I have already sold two for sure, have orders for 8 more aswell. Its actually amazing to me, that something I made is wanted by people that not only know me, but people who dont know me are requesting them. That is a shocker, but a pleasant one. Also the cd is done. New Feet For Your Worn Down Shoes. 15 tracks. Six months of labor is finally done. And right when its complete, what happens. I found I am going on tour.

And when I get back from Asheville. Its straight to work on promoting the Spoken Circus Fest. We have fire dancer Beth McAmis, Comedian Jeff Hahn, musical appreances by Kwannza Popp and the IRB SOUND BAND The Dwellers, and featuring Indpls National Slam Team, and most of Indpls heaviest hitting poets, including. Mike C, Sleepy P, Adam"Henzbo" Henze, St. Peace aka Corey Ewing. Its an all night event, admission is 15 dollars, and people are encouraged to bring food, tents sleeping bags, and food. As everyone is welcome to camp out. Proceeds go to helping the arts of Indianapolis as well as helping fund the further developement of Projek Delerium. A art benefit in septemeber for The Julian Center, a shelter for abused women and children of Indianapolis. Which is being held at the prestigious Madam Walker theatre.

Its a wave I got, I have no idea if this is the begining of a career for me in poetry, or its just a flash in life, that I should just enjoy. Regardless, all I am going to do is enjoy the ride and have fun. Set no expectations, only to expect the unknown. And most importantly love it. Because at end of the day, this is a goal I have longed to achieve. Yet I am not surprised, appreciative yes, but not surprised for I did this. And I am going to keep going. For the rest of my life. As I am fortunate to know and to have known for over a decade, what I love. And that people is Poetry. I love this more than anything. I want to known for my work, for my love and for my contributions to the poetry community and the my community at hand.

Now though I much work ahead of me. Emails, to be complete, mailing of a few more frames. Making sure I have everything I need. And keep phone charged.

So until next time.

your blogging mad mad
Greggory S DeBoor

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