Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Matter thats being fused together..

And as the music begins . Strings start forming images of the past. You remember that bridges foster age old rain drops so time wont be forgotten. You begin to remember where to start. Suns kneel into the ground, and you feel it. In your viens, the music builds up,Requiem for a dream, streams waves that disolve into the pores of your skin. Now you have a way to write again. The chorus makes you enhance the moment, everything is in motion, yet frozen, all at the same time. So much now is onthe build up. Delivery services will be needed to be applied. As poetry is easily seen if you feel it. If you allow it to flow through you. Let it be the air that breaths your secrets, let it carry you to tunes that build four wall rooms with windows of arcane views. Which explodes into mundane shards of the sun. Now when you speak, you shatter the moon, and have to replace its pieces with a wordly thesis...

So I continue on. The readings are getting more and more popular. Word is out that this place is real. That it is unique and its aplace that you want to be heard from. And thats the secret you know. Making a place that makes people feel welcomed. That is how Mid-Town is getting its reputation, and how Lazy Daze has had such a long life line. People want to go and be apart of something if they feel appreciate, respected, and welcomed as well as encouraged to be who they are. Its an honor to be able to do this. To be able to do what I love, is a wonderful feeling. We had Mike C, as the feature, and people we read around a camp fire, we played poet tag, which means when your done you tag someone and bam you have to read. It was so much fun, then at the end of it. We stood around the fire, and read. One after another, yet it was not planned and heat lightning entertained us with shows in the sky as we read. It was truely magical. It was a night for poets, to speak. And when we spoke the sky spoke back in thunder and lightning. We were the power that night, and it was because of the energy. How intune with in ourselves we were..

Features are planned all the until july 9th for sure. And im booking more as we speak. Also words are coming to me easier, more internal changing is occuring in my soul, and I am able to project it better than ever. I am so at easy with my innerself. Intune with in the nature of who I am. I wonder nothing accept it is the only way to enjoy life.

The festival now has a name, The Spoke Circus Fest, almost have the full line-up, and when I do, times will be given out to the performers, fliers will be made, invites will be sent. Press kits are already sent out to local news papers aswell. And as soon as the festival is done, the benefit will in full pre-production. Getting all the details that need to be finished up will be. After all we have to remain to productive to be ablt to live a good life, right?

I am actually recording, well only two tracks left, and it's all done. I have a graphic design artist making the cover for it. Dreaming is no longer needed, for the heart beats that I dreamt are now becoming part of day life, for me.

I see everything that is matter that is being fused together. I have waited my whole life to live this way. Its funny, ive waited to be alive, how absured is that. Waiting to be alive. Now that is a poem with in its self. I think I shall retire people. And write, for that is one of the things I am, a writer..

So until next time. Hope you enjoyed the madness..


Greggory S DeBoor

your average schmuck.

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