Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who created the Chaotic creature Targubaj

Questions on faith are only resolved with an inside investigation, remembered thinking. As everything is always in motion.

Recently I just got back form doing a successful tour, a festival and then realization hit me. Then I just kept at it. Bottom line I need to take a breather. For I was being one deminsional. And a break will be good, not too long, and If I feel the urge to write, then I will. But now things are moving again, and this time no pen, no paper, no device to mimic thunder is required. I lost my funding to do Projek Delerium. Crushed yes I was at first, and still am, it is and will be a sensative subject for me to speak about.

I do beleive though, that nothing is just random, somethings happen and we love the outcome, other times we hate the outcome, but a few common factors are always the same, Change, and the fact that we have to move with it not against. Moving right along with the change is how we deal life better, yes it is more difficult to do and easier to say. I will be the first to admit that, but still. And a breathe of fresh air, hits me,as I think this thought. Its kool, I do have a few shows lined yes. I have the Decatur writes conference, in Decatur Georgia, aswell as a feature spot at one of Indy's newest spoken word venue's. Poetry on the Patio, which is an awesome venue of if you ask me, on September 15th, and then I host the Westfield arts Festival. So I still be active, but sometimes we get more done if we just be. And take breaks, sometimes its how we get to the next level.

I mean besides the Tour and the Festival, I made a cd, with the Indianapolis band the Dwellers, titled New Feet for Your Worn down shoes, aswell. And that took a little under 6 months that has 15 tracks. All of this in less than 6 months, is not bad. Plus I do feel I have quality behind my work, behind my words, my work ethic, and I accomplished so many goals, that I had set up for myself. Now its break time. As I feel like Iam writing a life with invisible ink, on pages that are color coded clear plastic.

So now its the next phase, who knows whats next, for me. Maybe and most likely a bigger tour with happen, but for now, I am taking a breather. For at the end of the day I dont just wanna be apoet, I want to be me, and poetry is only side of me. Maybe now its time to jump out of an airplane at 15,000 feet again.

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